Training Program

Training and practice continues year round at Shishukunj Swimming Academy.

Thanks to unique Water Heating System that we have installed, our swimmers continue to practice even in winter months and this year round practice has been the foundation of swimming training program at Shishukunj.

We have four main programs ongoing of which three are for the children and one for adults

Advanced Competitive Training

This is a year round program and this prepares the swimmers for various levels of competition at state level, national level and beyond. In this program the swimmers are put through various intensity of workouts keeping in mind their age, their strength, stamina and their proficiency in swimming.

Stroke Training

This is a program for those who have learned basic swimming and are getting ready for competitive swimming batches. They are put through training routines which enable them to master correct technique of all the four strokes. This early technical training builds the right foundation for the young swimmers and makes them ready for the advanced level of training.

Learn to Swim

This is a short duration program – 4 weeks – intended for all those who want to learn swimming. In this program children or adults in separate batches are taught the basics of swimming, techniques like floating, kicking, breathing while in water and they are guided through a set of drills which enables them to master these parts of the swimming. The whole activity is done under the close supervision and guidance of experienced swimming coach.

Fitness Swimming

This program is a year round program for Adults and Master Swimmers.

All the training programs are monitored by competent Nutritionist, Doctor and Physiotherapist.